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Darwin: A Galapagos Story
Author: Erik Daniel Shein
Co-Author: Melissa Davis
Hardback ISBN: 9781629895895
Paperback ISBN: 9781629895901
eBook ISBN: 9781629895918
Genre: Middle-Grade True Animal Stories
Release Date 06/19/2017
Darwin a Galapagos tortoise was a tender-hearted romantic who saw the world as a wonderful place filled with love and laughter. The moment he laid eyes on Anima, he was infatuated with her beauty and grace. Even though he was very young, his heart told him that she was his one and only true love.  

To the Galapagos islands inhabitants, Darwin a friendly giant tortoise represents the soul of their environment, a living monument to the power of life. To sustain his kind (Pinta Island Tortoises) his friends, a marine iguana named Admiral Ignatius, Esmeralda, a pink iguana, Louie a comical crab, a blue penguin, a lava lizard, and Flash, the dolphin join forces to find his soul mate and perhaps more of his kind. 

However, dark forces, who are led by an entity named Malos, would wreck their fragile environment, and prevent Darwin from being with his true love.

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