Arkwatch Holdings & World Castle Publishing

Arkwatch Holdings is a creative asset and intellectual property holding company. Our projects include CGI animated feature films, television specials and series, live entertainment properties, and book publishing distribution and services for audiences around the world. The company has industry world-class creative talent, a strong and experienced management team, and advanced entertainment mediums, technology, and techniques.

Recently Arkwatch Holdings, LLC, World Castle Publishing, LLC, and Len Simon Animation, LLC have partnered in a joint venture to bring our books to film, television, and other entertainment mediums. We welcome you to our world of creative assets and intellectual properties. (The future looks great!)

An Elephant's Journey

Thunder II
Footprints in the Sand

Thunder III
Hope Haven

Thunder IV

The Legend of Secret Pass

A Dolphin's Quest

Seed Krackers
The Legend of Hushma

A Tortoise's Wish

Spirit Bear of the North

Rocket Hound
A Race for Freedom

Cloud Warriors

My Way Back Home

Call of the Phoenix
The Destined Guardians

Being a Normal Family is a State of Mind



The Mendel Experiment

Blue Fire

Power Stone of Alogol

The Forgotten Ornament