The Forgotten Ornament
10th Anniversiary Limited Edition
Authors: Erik Daniel Shein & Martin Reker
Hardback ISBN: 9781629895369
Paperback ISBN: 9781629895376
eBook ISBN: 9781629895383
Genre: Children's Holiday Fantasy
Release Date 11/7/2016

This Christmas tale tells the story of Willie Bear, a broken ornament who can't participate in a magical event where all of the intact ornaments acquire the ability to speak at midnight on Christmas Eve. 

"Mickey and I both are proud to be a part of "The Forgotten Ornament"... We highly recommend this wonderful book written by Erik Daniel Shein. 

"A beautiful Christmas book, bringing adorable animals to life. One broken little ornament is sadly neglected.... then mended and placed in a prominent position, high on the Christmas tree... and loved just as much as the newer ornaments. 

"This amazing book teaches children about responsibility... and the importance of protecting their pets, all animals and wildlife. 

"Beautiful Illustrations. with colorful pages and a wonderful Christmas story to delight even adults. 

For those who value and care about the welfare of God's critters and special creatures. "The Forgotten Ornament"... is a must read for children of all ages."—Jan and Mickey Rooney