The Legend of Secret Pass
Author: Melissa Davis
Screenplay: Erik Daniel Shein, James Costello, and Karl Geurs
Hardback ISBN: 9781629896267
Paperback ISBN: 9781629896274
eBook ISBN: 9781629896281
Genre: Animation/Adventure/Family/Movie Tie-in
Release Date 03/20/2017

If his family had told him that he would one day be a legendary guardian of Secret Pass, Manu would have laughed in their faces. Guardian, ha! 

All twelve-year-old Manu wanted to do was off-road race with his truck Windflier. When a strange dark magic makes its way through the mesa, Manu finds himself surrounded by dust devils, thunderbirds, and a ragtag group of animals that are trying to make their way to Natocchue, a place that protects animals from the outside world. His family is harboring a deep secret that is filled with magic and mystery, one that Manu isn’t sure he is ready for, but the woman in the wind has chosen him to be the next guardian. 

When the sinister Calabar uses his mystical powers on Manu and his family, it is up to Manu to save the day. Will he be able to keep Calabar from stealing the magic song the woman in the wind has entrusted him with or will Calabar gain entrance to Natocchue and end life as they knew it?

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